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    You can use the voice trigger editor to change the voice trigger for the silient running.

    Strange that it is activation without the PRotocol OVerride though
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      Originally posted by incryptx View Post
      The singularity profile seems to be locked for editing by the "author". I cannot edit the "silent running" script as described by a moderator here. Is there a process to unlock the singularity profile. My "silent running" seems to activate all by itself, especially in combat, taking down my shields and costing me rebuys. I don't use this and would either like it to be totally a "voice command" or completely manual having to activate a switch on my throttle.
      I had the same problem as you with Silent Running, it even turn on while I was in Starport Services at a station.

      My problem was with my key bindings. I was using an old Singularity v2.2.4 key binding created by Customiser
      with the new HCS Singularity v2.2.5 profile. I fixed problem by using Customiser to create a new key binding.


      • incryptx
        incryptx commented
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        You know, your right. I forgot that the Customizer creates a version of the profile. I deleted it and it works now. Thanks.

        There should be some code in customizer to check that when singularity version changes, a reminder to recreate the binding is given to the user.

      • Gangrel
        Gangrel commented
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        Bindings should not have to be recreated between version updates *unless* we require additional keyboard commands to be assigned in game.

        And even then, it would initially give a "missing keybinds detected" warning message in the VA log window (unless you disabled the "Check for missing binds on startup" feature in the customiser )

      • sgfrisbee
        sgfrisbee commented
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        Under Singularity v2.2.4 and HCS Singularity v2.2.5 profile the software check for missing keybinds and found no missing ones at all.
        I had no problems under v2.2.4 with Silent Running but had problems after I update to v2.2.5. My ship would go *Silent Running* has I
        was about to go into a station and while in Starport Services looking for a new mission. That is how I fixed my VoiceAttack by creating
        a new keybind..
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