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Singularity Key Bind Checker: Secondary Fire

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  • Singularity Key Bind Checker: Secondary Fire


    I'm just starting with the Singularity beta but I'm getting an error with the key bind checker, it isn't detecting that I have assigned a joystick button and a mouse button to the secondary fire within weapons.

    Could you please advise how I fix this please, thanks.

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    It needs to be a keyboard press. VA itself cannot press joystick buttons (well, not without an additional plugin IIRC), not can it press controller buttons.
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      I had the same error.

      It is wierd because my primary fire is a joystick trigger and 2nd bind is Mouse1
      Secondary fire is a joystick button and 2nd bind is Mouse2.

      Yet the keybind error only called out secondary fire?

      Like you suggested, I changed the mouse1 and mouse 2 binds to unused key combo (which I'll never ever use on the keyboard)



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        we don't use primary fire for anything that's why and Singularity changed the secondary fire to require a keypress rather than the old method of mouse2
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