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    Hello there HCS-Team and fellow Commanders,

    As I was flying for the first time with the Singularity Profile, I thought about some stuff. I do not know if these ideas are posted already, a quick search through the forum has shown no results (or I'm too stupid :P) so I am just going to post my ideas for Singularity here.

    First of all, I noticed that there is something missing: Entertainment.
    In addition to assigning roles for the tactical and science stuff, how about also assigning roles for Entertainment? For example, such a role could be taken by Eli who randomly chats with you through the flight while your crew is working. Of course other crew members should chat with you too during the flight but for the pure sake of entertainment, such an officer would be nice on board.

    Which brings me to my next idea. How about a little "add-on" to singularity? A voice pack made for pure entertainment purpose. Just random chatting between Pilot and Profile, because space can be lonely sometimes :> Such a voicepack should contain random questions from the interest in the well being of the pilot to the weather or any other funny and interesting things.

    Also, I thought about a Crewlounge. The "unused" Crewmembers could "Wait" in a crewlounge. That crewlounge could limit their ability to "receive" orders but you could still ask them things like "What is a black hole" or talk with them about things. That way the other voice packs would be used too and there would be more entertainment.

    A good day and much regards,
    Lunaric Lunestra

    P.s. (Sorry if there are some grammatical errors/spelling mistakes, English is not my native language)
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    not all easily possible but the idea of a "Morale officer" is an interesting one so we'll keep that one in mind!
    Join the Multi-Crew revolution, because one voicepack is just not enough!

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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      You're welcome! Glad I could be of service, I really like playing Elite with the HCS packs, it's so fun and also I got nice cooking tips from ASTRA. :>


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        Some great ideas there, we are unfortunately restricted within the bounds of Voice attack so limits the scope for complex interaction but you never know what this lot here will come up with next.