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Playing music with HCS and VA: Is my dream even possible?

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  • Playing music with HCS and VA: Is my dream even possible?


    Having recently watched Cmdr Skoomer's Strange World's tour videos on YouTube I've been starting to obsess over the idea of playing music through my headphones whilst playing ED. Sounds pretty simple to most of you I'm guessing but I was hoping for something a little more.

    I love the idea of being able to play music as if it's through the ship's sound system, a bit like when your Ai HCS characters communicate via Comms when you're in an SRV and they're talking to you from the ship. In such a way that you can hear all of the alerts, sounds and so on from the rest of the game and if you have chit-chat enabled or a character needs to relay information the music could cut-out or be lowered.

    I like being able to use a playlist via WMP but its almost a case of one or the other - music or character/game interaction.

    Is all of the above just complete pie-in-sky?

    The latest iteration of Singularity and the Customiser in particular are awesome.

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    The only method that I can see this working is by having *every* command have a "play/pause music player" command (which could just be as simple as pressing the global media key) at start of each command
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