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Dictation in ASTRA?

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  • Dictation in ASTRA?

    While in VR, typing for me is impossible. I'm a dirty hunt and peck typist. So I'd like to be able to type in game messages with voice attack. At the very least canned responses. I've seen some mention of a dictation.vap here but I don't see it in my available profiles. Is this a thing and is it part of the default ASTRA pack or am i missing something?

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    Canned responses facility are included via the customiser (say "Protocol Override: Customise my settings" to access this)
    1) I reject your reality.... and substitute my own
    2) Not to be used when upset... will void warranty
    3) Stoke me a clipper i will be back for dinner
    4) Never tell Gangrel to do anything... he will probably get it wrong
    WARNING! Swedish wall-of-text hits you for bork-bork-bork damage!