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  • Quick question Engineers

    How do I get ASTRA, Orion or Vasco to point me to the engineers. "Plot route to Engineer Qwent" doesn't do anything. And I can't find it in the documentation.

    As always, thanks in advance...

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    Valid Command Prefix: "Where [are;is;do I find]; Tell me [more;] about; [set;plot] [a;] [course;route;navigation] [for;to]"

    Bill Turner;
    Broo Tarquin;
    [colonel;] Bris Dekker;
    Didi Vatermann;
    Elvira Martuuk;
    Felicity Farseer;
    Hera Tani;
    Juri Ishmaak;
    Lei Cheung;
    Liz Ryder;
    Lori Jameson;
    Marco Qwent;
    Professor Palin;
    Ram Tah;
    Selene Jean;
    The Dweller;
    The Sarge;
    Tiana Fortune;
    Todd The Blaster [Mcquinn;];
    Zacariah Nemo
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    3) Stoke me a clipper i will be back for dinner
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