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Cockpit Voice Assistant Alix - Need Help

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  • Cockpit Voice Assistant Alix - Need Help

    Hello guys,

    I just today purchased Cockpit Voice Assistant Alix from the elite dangerous website supported by steam.But i dont know how to activate or install that.I just have only email receipt that's all.Also after i downloaded voice attack i look at videos Voice Pack installation instructions in they they said i need to find soundpack but I don't have soundpack after I buy it. So what should I do know? Thank you.

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    You didn't purchase a voice pack from here and you don't need Voice Attack to activate COVAS. Start your game, go into Outfitting -> Livery -> Choose ship and activate your favourite COVAS. This is a per ship setting. You don't get any voice commands with this purchase and you can't control your ship with a COVAS.