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Voice attack problem - alternative download advice?

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  • Voice attack problem - alternative download advice?

    Haven't played ED for a few months so have upgraded and now have to install new voicepack. Seems I need a new version of Voiceattack but I cannot get anything from the voiceattack site, it is really slow and the installer download sticks at 0% Can anyone suggest another source of the installer download?

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    Not that I am aware of (without purchasing the Steam version of Voice Attack)
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      Wondering if anyone can upload a copy of the latest VoiceAttack installer then? Tried the VoiceAttack site again this morning and still hopeless.


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        The VA website has been having some issues..should be ok now
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          It did have issues, I sent an email to their support and had a very polite reply from Gary saying it was the first serious outage he had had in 9 years! He sent me an email when problems resolved last night and I have successfully upgraded. Now all I have to do is relearn how to play!