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    HI i use the X55 joystick

    i have it set up in voice attack so that voice attack tracks the inputs from the joystick
    on the throttle there are little thumb sticks on previous versions of the voice pack i could edit the commands so that moving left and right from say navigation to transactions could still be tracked by voice attack when using the thumb sticks
    now with the new voice pack the all the commands are locked

    is it still possible for me to turn on this feature

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    You will need to make a few commands in a separate profile for this at the moment and then use the "include commands from another profile" option in Singularity options window.

    The commands that you would need to "run" by advanced name are as follows

    ((comms panel tracking))
    ((left panel tracking))
    ((right panel tracking))
    ((role panel tracking))
    ((right tab tracking))
    ((left tab tracking))

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      thank you for the fast reply


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        oooh.. Lestat can you kindly post an example of how you set one of these up? I would dearly love to hook up this added level of tracking to my own HOTAS but at first glance am not sure how exactly to implement the voice attack command and link it to the HOTAS. Would it really be as simple as saying, "This command (by name)" executes on this specific HOTAS button press? And how would you link the tab tracking with the panel tracking?


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          as it was until this update I could go into tab left or right commands put a tick in when I press button it would them prompt for the button I would press left or right depending on which one I was doing on the thumb stick
          it would then execute the command just the same as if I had prompted it with my voice
          but after this latest update you are unable to edit any of the commands and I have not yet had a chance to try what has been posted above hopefully will get chance tomorrow


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            Ah, ok thanks. I haven't had a chance to play much myself the past 6 weeks (crazy work deadlines) so was hoping to mooch off of someone else's time and effort since I might actually have some time to play this weekend.
            Think I found the answer I needed; see post 20:
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              I got an hour to try it out made 2 commands for going between the tabs when looking at one of the panels it works fine will post pictures tomorrow afternoon when I can get back on my pc


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                Hope this makes some sense for setting up a hotas on voice attack and making commands to track tabs with you voice pack

                plug in hotas and start voice attack click on the spanner icon bottom right corner
                click on joystick options
                you can assign 2 joysticks i have one set for my throttle and one for the joystick

                voice attack can now track inputs from the joystick

                to add new commands to the Singularity profile
                you need create a new profile alt + n name your new profile
                click new command
                edit a command box will come up

                put a tick in when i say and give the command a name with (( )) around it ie ((joystick left tab tracking)) take the tick out of when i say when this is done
                now put a tick in when i press button it will prompt for the button input press what button you want on you joystick for this action it will show the input as in my picture the numbers may differ

                now click on other> voice attack action> execute another command you will get a prompt that there are no commands available click ok execute another command box will come up

                put a tick in executive by name (advanced) put in ((left tab tracking)) to track moving the tab to the left click ok
                or ((right tab tracking)) to track right both need to be set up as different commands

                you need to know the command that is in the main profile as Gangrel posted earlier

                do the same for the right tab tracking
                in the end you should have something looking like picture 5

                now last bit right click on the command high light copy to your singularity profile should show up in the list click on it
                do the same for all the commands
                now switch your profile over to the singularity one and test in elite dangerous

                i hope this helps i am no expert with voice attack this is just what i have found playing around with it if any one can stream line this process please let us know


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                  I'll add a small profile into the packs as soon as I get a minute which ppl can import and link into singularity
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                    Lestat thank you for posting the steps and photos. I likely never would have realized I had to enable the joysticks within VA for this to work. You likely just saved me a ton of time troubleshooting. Thank you!!


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                      So, I'm a little stumped on one part of getting Voice Attack to recognize 2 joystick buttons. I use the T.16000M FCS with its throttle, and I have the left/right rocker switch of the throttle set in Elite to tab left/right within panels. However, Voice Attack doesn't recognize when I press it either direction (it's like it can't see it). The problematic control is the "Rocker Axis (R-Z Axis)" depicted in the top right of this picture from Thrustmaster's support site:

                      I've tried searching the web but can't find anything seemingly relevant that would help me figure this one out. Any ideas? I'd like to keep my mapping the way it is if at all possible and still benefit from the tracking of joystick presses (so I can stop having to issue "close panel" commands and such). I figured I'd start here first before going over to Voice Attack and registering on their forums to ask there.


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                        VA can only recognise joystick buttons and not joystick Axis (ie like if you were moving the joystick around)
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                          Gaaah. Boo, hiss. Thanks for the quick reply Gangrel; I guess I'll need to review my carefully crafted bindings and figure out an alternative approach.