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Which Voice Pack has the most features?

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  • Which Voice Pack has the most features?

    I bought Celeste yesterday and quite disappointed to figure out that Celeste doesn't come with interactions. I'm thinking of getting EDEN or ASTRA now but not sure which one has more features. Also, will I lose my custom commands if I change voice pack?

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    See it may not be up to date for Singularity 2.0 but shows which voice packs have which features.
    If by "interaction" you mean "chit chat", there's a list of the chit chat phrases in one of the folders under HCSTools (if memory serves; I'm not on my PC at the moment). I printed that list and it has: MinuS, Midnight, Jazz, Eli, Eden, Cleo, Obsidian, Vega, and Orion, each with ~1 page of chit-chat phrases (questions you can ask, responses you can give to continue the banter, etc). You also need to enable the interaction mode & chit-chat via the customizer; say "protocol override customize my settings" and peruse the options there.

    Maybe Gangrel or TheThingIs will see this and confirm what's what.


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      Archer, ASTRA, Cleo, DORIS, Eden, Eli, Jazz, KsAI, Leo, Midnight, Minus, Obsidian, Orion, Phoenix, Vasco, Vega, Verity all have custom "chit chat" triggers.

      If you are wanting to know "Who has the most knowledge base stuff", then ASTRA (she has the normal stuff+ship descriptions).

      ASTRA also has Stephen Hawking quotes, whilst DORIS has Douglas Adam's quotes.

      DORIS and Jazz can play I-Spy as well.

      Vasco has movie quotes

      So it is all a mishmash of "who has what" and its these small extra's that make one pack different from another
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