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Muted responses from crew

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  • Muted responses from crew

    Hi I have singularity running with 6 crew and the cat, when I issue commands the commands are recognised and carried out but VA says that the response is muted but if I say" feed the cat " you can hear the food being put in the bowl. I cant find any settings in VA or HCS customizer
    to correct this is there anyone out there who has any ideas .
    Last edited by Madcap22; 01-20-2019, 01:45 PM. Reason: Ok little addon just tried the previos version of singularity and the voice responses appear to work fine

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    In the customiser if you look under the Ship Stations category, you can see if the stations are muted or not.
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      Thanks that's done it although I have no idea how they became muted thanks alot