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  • Serial Numbers Lost

    I just did a completely fresh installation (with which you helped me - TYVM) and today moved on to installing the voicepaks, only to come a screeching halt at the first install (I have several many paks) when asked for the serial number. I was certain I had saved the numbers in a note document but apparently not. Nor can I fond the email directing me to the correct page apparently. When I go to the most recent purchase and go to it's download page I observe my name above and to the right, but clicking on it goves me no options to go tom my "account" or whatnot. I thought I recalled the numbers being in an email sent to me when I initially purchased them but I cant seem to find those - were they not sent from "HCS*****"?
    Some help directing this lost sole to reclaiming my codes would be VASTLY appreciated. - M

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    The serial codes are on the download page for each of the voicepacks.
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      My query was how to get back there, given missing e-mails - but I located one on a back-up and I'm right as rain now. Thanks for trying tho...