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  • No voice feedback

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm not getting any voice feedback from Orion.

    I installed VA, loaded the Singularity.vap file, and got things working in the game. I'm able to give commands and things work great. After I got that running I purchased the Orion pack and installed it. I couldn't find any files in the install directory to import. The profile folder says that the profiles are now in the HCS TOOLS folder. So I unloaded the singularity file, restarted, loaded it again, restarted, but have no sound. I opened the customize my settings screen and found the volume option. When I hit test I get no sounds. What am I missing?

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    try changing the audio settings in VA to Integrated Components
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      I tried that and there was no change. Even did a fresh reinstall. I did notice that when I open the Volume Mixer in Windows there is a peak on the VA slider like it is producing sound, but nothing is heard. I'm able to hear sound through other applications on the same output.


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        Do you have your audio output set to 5.1 or 7.1? What happens if you swap it to stereo?
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          May have to play around with settings a bit more. I get sound when playing through my Bluetooth speaker, but not when I have my wired headset on.