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  • VA, Warthog, Aussiedroid, singularity

    So what’s the interoperability deal here? Should I just ignore it? It seems like bamboo shoots under fingernails...

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    Our profile/plugin reads what the current .bind file contents inside Elite Dangerous are and uses keyboard presses assigned in those.

    Unless Aussiedroids script does something dynamic (such as changing the bindings for the joystick and the *active* bindings ingame with something else... which then removes keyboard presses... then it could cause issues)
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      The only reason to use the TM TARGET software is if you need custom curves for throttle and joystick. Other than that, it's just another unnecessary layer that most users won't need.

      Unless your adamant about using response curves, you'll be better off just mapping keybind directly in ED and using VA+ you favorite voicepack(s).