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Astra HCS Plugin Event Commands Guide?

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  • Astra HCS Plugin Event Commands Guide?

    I Noticed there was this wonderful cheatsheet created by a user on this forum for Astra: Which cover the basic 1:1 commands,

    But I wanted to know about the cool new things that were talked about in this video regarding the HCS tools plugin?

    Is there anyway to find a list of these commands? What this plugin is capable of. The "Deploy SRV as soon as we land" command is so awesome, but I don't know what others there are that might be just as awesome. How do I find this out?


    (PS sorry if its in an obvious place im not at my home computer right now.)

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    I Would recommend looking at the voice trigger editor in the customiser and then clicking the [i] button at the end of each line to see what they do. The plugin itself is more used as a "check to ensure that this command can be done" rather than anything special.
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