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How to make EDDI and ASTRA living together with Multicrew

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  • How to make EDDI and ASTRA living together with Multicrew

    1. Import multicrew profile into voiceattack
    2. Import EDDI profile
    3. Import ASTRA profile
    4. Edit multicrew profile and change the value from false to true for Astra, EDDI, and other voice packs you have.
    5. The profile by default for VA will be multicrew.
    6. Close VA, if errors, close and open twice or more times if needed, (run as admin).

    IMPORTANT : if u was using EDDI before, it needs the same key bindings. (i have a 360 pad and when load the 360 profile of HCS, EDDI don tell me the security presence of the system)
    If you have problems with left and right panel say "run diagnostics" (with ship docked) or "systems checks" on cruise.

    Also, if you have the same voice command in your EDDI and ASTRA profiles, ASTRA can loose the focus and some commands could not working.(disable these EDDI commands)

    What i have with EDDI ? : The times you have visited the system , population, if the system is under a boom or not and the security presence.

    Thanks a lot for make EDDI working with ASTRA, i think both are greats packs and i totally recommend both of them!

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    I would recommend NOT importing the EDDI .vap. The multi-crew has customised EDDI commands already built in and importing the original commands would break most things.

    Oh and why are you importing Astra profile into the multi-crew? Multi-crew works with just Astra on her own, no need to import her profile over the top, you'll just end up with a real messy profile.

    Glad you like it though

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    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

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      Multicrew is all in one, nice! it is working now but i am still fighting with keybindings, i need to see your video for some commands. Great job! ty.
      P.D: All themed profiles included in Astra are in multicrew too? i have lost the "tell me about stars"


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        galaxpedia, quantum theory and constellations are in, the others are on my todo list. I rewrote the profiles for those when I imported them and made the asking a question about something generic so that you could ask about something but the asking is done the same way for all things. The "tell me about" looks like it wasn't on all of them so I haven't put that in as a question but I can do for the next release. You can edit the command that is in "Education: prefixes" and add it in if you like. For now though, saying "what is a star" will render the same result.
        The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

        You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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          Hey Guys!

          Sorry i'm late to the party! I am new with HCS voicepacks and EDDI and I apologize for bringing back a subject that has already been discussed.
          Despite the forums and guides that I have gone through I cannot get my software to work the way I would like it to. ( I feel like an complete idiot)

          I'm not a programmer nor do I have the experience nor the full understanding of how EDDI and Voice attack actually work with the Scripts and all..

          I've gotten EDDI and ASTRA to work just fine. The problem I am now having is that EDDI and Astra keep talking over each other and it's pure chaos.
          when I start the game. I have EDDI and Astra welcome me at the same time. I have tried removing the commands related to welcoming me by unchecking the "welcome at start" command within the Speech responder Tab in the "personality"of EDDI, But EDDI still responds with a greeting message, and the message has a few more words than the Speech responder command has listed...

          Am I disabling the correct option or do I have to disable an EDDI command within Voice attack instead?

          I too would like to have EDDI and ASTRA work together. I would like to Speak to EDDI and for it to respond when it comes to things related to the Galnet, Information about the system I am in, Trade deals reading messages and text etc..

          I would like Astra to be used as an AI companion. I would like to use Astra to control my ship and give my status about my ship as well as all the extra fun stuff like information about constellations, stars etc....

          Is this possible to do and if so how can one implement this? is there a proper detailed guide somewhere?

          I appreciate the time and effort given to assist me. o7



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            This is going to be a common problem. I have been clicking off anything in EDDI that I thought would give an unrequested voice response. EDDI plugin is installed, but I removed EDDI.vap.
            What we need is clear directions - somewhere - on how to make EDDI play nice with Singularity voice packs.


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              Define "play nice".

              Because it is a case of "It all depends on what content you want EDDI to say". Unfortunately, if there is a common case of "Voice pack and EDDI both respond to different stuff" (ie Singularity voice command whilst EDDI says something about the system"), then they will generally both play at the same time.

              Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there is no clear method (although I could well be wrong on this part) to tell when EDDI is going to do something, so that the Singularity voice pack doesn't

              there will always be the potential for overlap as well due to them using different audio systems (if they were both using TTS voices, then potentially you could make them go "only one voice at a time")
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