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Ad-Astra installed - but not working...

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  • Ad-Astra installed - but not working...

    Ad-Astra downloaded and installed ok - folders and files are in C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Sounds\hcspack-ADASTRA - but when I start VA (latest version), there's no mention of Ad-Astra in the loading text and if I open singularity (protocol override....), no 'Ad-Astra' button appears. In ED, only my exiting packs seem to be working. Do I need a new version of HCS Tools / singularity ? Current version is dated september 2019 - i don't have a newer version in my download links on sendowl...

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    Open up the customiser -> check for updates -> Update now

    If that fails, then just redownload one of your exisitng voicepacks, and rerun their installer
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      Cheers - 'Update Now' sorted it - got "9:42:11.036 Ship's assistant Ad-Astra (alpha version) is ready and online" in the VA startup text, Ad Adstra button now appears in Singularity and the 'Test' button worked - unfortunately, I need to work for the rest of the day so won't be able to try it out in ED until tonight - Thanks for your help.