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Ad-Astra suggestion and upcoming feature list

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  • Ad-Astra suggestion and upcoming feature list

    Here are some of the suggestions we've been getting and they've been added to our to-do list. We will be looking to add them (if possible) as time permits...

    Ad-Astra suggestions
    the mining a ton of ore i would hope she will tell us what we refined in the future
    Can the dump limpets when cargo is x% or full be expanded to any cargo?
    options for when you are told the star is scoopable
    is there any way that Ad astra can warn u that your jump distance is further than your fuel tank can go? sort of " you have 8 jumps remaining & 4 max jumps worth of fuel left" or " your current fuel supply wont reach your selected destination" sort of thing?
    main adastra config window -> "enabled" and "Verbosity" don't have tooltips - all tooltips will be cleaned up and checked for beta release (as we are still changing things)
    When being attacked by multiply ships in short order, play "you are under attack by multiple vessels"
    Warn if body has gravity higher than <x> when scanning a body
    Would it be possible when jumping into a system and you have a mission(s) in that system
    help commands eg "Tell me about docking commands" would give one or two docking commands
    When explorer mode is active, when you come into a system that is already discovered (FSS scanned) or when you scan a system up to 100% with the FSS, Ad Astra will tell you "There are five high value planetary bodies in this system, including 2 earth like worlds, one water world, and two terraformable high metal content worlds." Or something along those lines.
    A option to choose the verbosity of ad-astra with the planets discovered. (Like I want to report EWL, and metal rich always but ice world and class I gas giants 1 in a 10). Or when you activate a D-scanner reminds you about valuable planets not mapped.
    would it be possible for a low ammunition warning?
    Stat information?
    option to speak the pad position when green is on the left as well as right
    speak max jumps as an option to fuel left
    can we ask "is the star scoopable" as it could be useful when first logging in or you've been in a system for a while and forgot
    when u are getting attacked, along with ad astra saying "your ship is under attack" what about " would u like me to go to red alert?"

    Features/bug fixes

    v0.05 alpha
    added: running total of bounties/combat bonds
    added: command to tell you your current bounty
    added: command to reset your current running total of bounties/combat bonds
    added: warning when your current bounty total exceeds a set value (customisable)
    added: warning about shields being down
    added: warning about the ships canopy being destroyed
    added: command to tell you your local time
    added: command to tell you where your landing pad is
    updated: limpet launched sounds
    updated: increased pause between under attack responses to 2 minutes
    fixed: error when open the system jump page in the customiser
    fixed: ((rs - ada all fines paid)) trying to play if you don't own Ad-Astra
    fixed: getting confused between class 1 and class 2 gas giants
    fixed: not reporting the bounty amount when killing wanted Skimmers
    fixed: possible overlap of some sounds
    fixed: wrong folder for gas giant with ammonia based life
    fixed: warning you have zero limpets left
    fixed: sounds playing when using the data scanner

    v0.04 alpha
    added: ability to turn off bounty awarded
    added: low limpet warning
    added: option to play jump counter every <x> jumps
    fixed: unticking combat options not saving
    fixed: test button not playing a test sound
    fixed: fuel reserve % incorrect if you have extra fuel tanks
    fixed: approx how many credits not shortening when you have over 1 billion credits

    v0.03 alpha
    added: option to give system travel info during hyperspace, please note this will disable pack hyperspace sounds
    added: option to shorten number speech for all events
    changed: order system travel info is given
    fixed: sounds not playing when scanning bodies in the FSS
    fixed: incorrect voice trigger for tell me about ships for exploring
    fixed: missed efficiency bonus playing when mapping rings
    fixed: how many missions do I have left command
    fixed: incorrect surface features when scanning a planet
    fixed: number speech not playing as it should
    fixed: saying shut up didn't cleanly stop the data on system sounds
    fixed: promotions and sounds redone (redownload of AdAstra required)
    fixed: multiple mission redirect events trigger multiple sounds to play
    fixed: station info not detecting large ships properly
    fixed: station info not clearing previous systems station info properly
    fixed: missing ((rs - ada or restock system))
    fixed: under attack spamming
    fixed: POI info spamming on game load

    Bugs reported in the current version
    none at this time

    Can I also mention that during the alpha phase it is recommended that you redownload and install Ad-Astra each time you are informed there is an update. The profiles will auto update through the customiser (if I haven't broken it again) but if we have made changes to sounds then these won't be updated. Obviously we will move to full auto updates once there isn't as many sound file changes as there is in alpha stage.

    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.