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AD-ASTRA Suggestion. (User added voice commands for launching third party tools)

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  • AD-ASTRA Suggestion. (User added voice commands for launching third party tools)

    So, I have a suggestion for AD-ASTRA. I have several applications that I have to manually launch when getting ready to play Elite.

    I have VA set to launch when I boot my system so that is pre-loaded for me and since AD-ASTRA will load with VA on boot up (at least for me) having some "user added voice commands" programmed into AD-ASTRA would allow me not to have to manually load extra applications before starting the Elite Launcher, but instead, just give a voice command to VA (AD-ASTRA) to load them for me as needed, and when needed.

    Now, extra Elite based third party applications that I have to manually load before starting the launcher for Elite are:

    1) EDMC (Elite Dangerous Market Connector) which must be launched and started before starting the Elite Launcher.
    2) Aurora.Exe (This is a third party keyboard application for the Logitech G-HUB LED keyboards which highlights Elite Keyboard Keys used in the game.
    3) Edison.exe (This is a handy tool with voice prompts in Elite for navigation on or around a planet which gives voice coordinates to a site location.
    4) Any other third party application or tool you wish to launch with VA AD-ASTRA during gameplay of Elite.

    So, those are just the ones I need to have loaded before starting the Elite launcher. My suggestion is to have an area in the AD-ASTRA profile where a user could define the path to the application and then define what to say to launch the application, a voice command.

    An example would be "C:\Somepath\application.exe" and then a voice command for it, i.e. "Launch (application)" or "Please use (application)".

    Specific example would be "C:\Program Files\Edison\Edison.exe" and a voice command of "Launch Edison Please".

    Conclusion: By allowing the user to pre-program a set of applications to be launched by voice command during Elite game play, this would allow the application to be called by using voice commands into a user defined section of the AD-ASTRA profile.

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    Highly unlikely just on the basic requirement that when the profile gets updated, everything that is in the profile is replaced (think : Clear the contents of profile, put in new profile). This is a downside of having the profile being auto updateable. There is no ability for us to go (with the VA update method ) "Just changes these few commands with the auto update process".

    HOWEVER: There is nothing stopping you from making your own commands and linking the profile for this, so that the spoken commands are there for you as well.

    I *personally* have a .bat file that I run which does EDMC, Voice Attack (with custom data directory, as its on a portable drive)), Elite Dangerous Launcher, ED Discovery, my own route plotting piece of software. ((I have also had ED Engineer, Elite G19s, Trade Computer Extension MKII all listed in the bat file at one time or another))

    So in my case, there is no need for a custom spoken command, but there is nothing stopping you from already doing it. You have to remember that AD-ASTRA is more aimed towards the *telling you stuff that you don't know* directly, instead of being a general usage profile.
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