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Running Two Profiles togethere

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  • Running Two Profiles togethere

    G’day there,
    Is there any way I could run CECIL and EDEN together.
    Thank you

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    Yes/No... Sorry for the double answer here, but its about as accurate as i can get it.

    Yes you can, there is nothing stopping you from using the "include commands from another profile" option in the profile options screen (click the tick mark on the edit profile screen and you will see the option).

    HOWEVER, remember that Cecil presses buttons randomly, so that might cause some issues with Eden (or any of our other voice packs).

    He is *at the moment* designed to run purely solo, although we are getting some work in to make him more of a normal pack as well (which means that he could work with the multi crew pack for example), and be more or less... not a klutz around your ship.
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      Thank you I will have a play around see what I come up with. Thanks again for your help


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        The latest update to the Cecil pack now contains a multipack version that is designed to work with Midnight. Look in the advanced folder for instructions on making them work together....
        There is a special Orion + Cecil version coming after the New Year too for those that have both.

        You can use that set of .vap as the basis for other voicepack integration too. The Midnight one contains some banter directly between those two chaps.


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          Cecil is on my new year to do list to get him into Multi-Crew. Just a question of how to do it and keep the essence of who he is and what he does in there as well
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