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  • VA with ED Horizions

    So I may be blind (well I an getting along in years) bur couldn't see an answer. I'm considering a 2nd pack but as I've just purchased ED Horizions I'm wondering how they get along together. Have the packs been changed in anyway for Horizions commands basically?

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    I know the more recently updated packs seem to work well with Horizons features (within the limitations of what the game provides), such as planetary landings, SRV functions and fighters.

    I'd recommend taking a look at the default keybindings (link below) and either using them (especially for SRV stuff), or setting the VoiceAttack profile to use your custom binds. Important to note: these are not necessarily the game's default keybindings!

    What pack are you thinking of picking up? Someone can probably tell you if it supports Horizons features.
    Here is a list of all the commands that Voice Attacks expects to be bound, and with what key as well. We do use modifier keys (ie Shift + L) so no need to put


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      I was considering EDEN as my first choice with ASTRA 2nd. I already have DORIS but can't test as my headphones need both microphone and headphone 3.5mm jacks replacing and I will be doing that on the weekend.

      DORIS is great but I've found she tends to be negative too much for me so I'm taking the plunge on another pack. I've just purchased Horizions today so wondered if the fit would be as nice.


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        Eden and Astra are both excellent packs and they have both been updated and work with Horizons well. It's a personal choice, you wouldn't regret either. Get both, it's Christmas
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          I am running Astra and Verity together, they would seem to balance each other out, the non emotional Astra, and then there is Verity who is.. well... Verity. I just need to figure this multi crew thing out and get them to work with each other.


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            Yes, agree. Once I purchase a 2nd I'll be having to figure out the multi crew thing