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Where is the Orion Profile with ASTRA voice pack??

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  • Where is the Orion Profile with ASTRA voice pack??

    Hi All

    Been with Elite for some time now and heard about the voice packs which are amazing. I installed the voice pack profile that gave me approx 1700 commands. I know there are a lot more so do I add these as and when?? Also, in the readme there is a reference to an Orion Profile. I don't see it anywhere. Any help wouls be great. I have used voice attack making my own commands but now I have ASTRA, skies the limit.



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    The "full house" profile is the one that has everything in it. The profiles in the "theme" subdirectory of the Elite Dangerous directory are pretty much all in the main "Full House" profile.

    The "orion nebula" profile is on its way, and
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      Thanks for the quick reply. I thought it would be something like that.