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Cant get the "Speak with Orion part of the install to work.

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  • Cant get the "Speak with Orion part of the install to work.

    Like the title says. When I try and do the "Speak with Orion" to hear his back story it doesnt work. He responds to the regular commands like "Power to weapons" but not this. What am I doing wrong?

    Edit:I loaded the Orion origin file and it worked....I cant get it all in the fullhouse profile? It seems like it would be better that way. So I guess my next question would be is all the galactipidia and nebula mission commands and responses in the fullhouse profile?
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    The origin file is the only part that isn't included in the Full House profile. You can import those commands into the Full House profile (bottom left of the edit profile screen, choose the Orion Origins profile as the one you want to import).
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      Ok here is another question. I dual stick and use pedals for throttle. I have tried to set up the departure hand off and manually hotkeyed thrusters to a hat on one of my joysticks...but it doesnt seem to want to work. Is it because I am using a custom profile for my keybinds? does it have to be set to a joystick profile?

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      Keyboard presses need to match up with these ones here

      Thankfully Elite allows you to have 2 bindings per action, so if you have one as your joystick, the other one can be the keyboard action. Infact, that is how all of our profiles are set up (Default control inputs + keyboard presses layered on top)