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No interaction mode for Astra?

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  • No interaction mode for Astra?

    I just reinstalled voice attack and the Verity voice pack after being away for a while, but it seems the interaction mode is gone? The invoke is still there, but she wont respond to "Interaction Mode on", and ive searched through the commands and there doesn't seem to be one. I'm using the full house profile. Is this an oversight? Or is it gone?
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    Huh, strange, as I am looking at the profile here, and ASTRA does have Interaction Mode.

    Verity never had one though
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      Yeah sorry I meant Verity not astra. Couldn't edit the title though. And yeah Verity has always had one. I've contacted one of the devs and they confirmed it was just missed in the latest update and got me the files I needed.