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Need Help with rebinding ASTRA

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  • Need Help with rebinding ASTRA

    I was directed here because I have found a problem with ASTRA and the SRV Cargo Scoop (sounds like a space detective mystery, or space Harry Potter thing). It appears the key bind to the SRV CS is 1, but that’s the key for opening the Navigation Panel. I had a look at trying to change it but panicked at the complexity of the commands, and I tried looking on the forums but had a brain melt down (I suffer from Asperger’s and various other brain fart problems), so turned to the god and creator of all that is HCS (but he was out so here will have to do lol). Is there any way you can help me rebind the correct key please.
    I was told to put this on discord but that seemed dead so posted here. No doubt the wrong place, so will make a copy in the bug department.
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    make sure you are upto date with the profile, we are on v2.4a

    go into elite and rebind the key

    say import my binds and the profile will update itself
    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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      Ok cheers TheThingIs.
      Just was strange that the keybinds for ASTRA were different to Verity, and that the same key was used for Cargo Scoop and Navigation. Hope the rebind you suggested works.


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        I just tried it and now it says the keybind for cargo scoop is [HOME] which makes me happy. Hope nothing else has changed and it was just a minor hiccup. Love the voicepacks, they really help with VR so hats off to HCS.