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ASTRA pack with personal responses

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  • ASTRA pack with personal responses


    I downloaded the pdf but the link is not active in the document so I can complete the form. Maybe my pdf reader doesn't allow links I am not sure but is there away to get the link elsewhere?

    Also I currently have Vascos and want to know is there a printable version of the complete command list I can print?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


    order # 28008

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    Hopefully this will help you
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      Thanks Nollywood,

      I am ok with installing the pack as have Vascos up and running no probs. The ASTRA personal pack is the one I am talking about it asks you in th pdf to click HERE I assume to provide my name and ships name etc but the HERE is not clickable. see below capture

      Hope that clarifies the issue.


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        Speaking of personal responses, I have had these for quite a while. Since the 2.3 patch I have yet to incorporate them into my multi-crew set up. The thing is with the personal responses I believe they are only related towards the Astra pack. I would like to ask if PR will be extended to other voice packs in the future ? ie, Eden and Verity.


        • TheThingIs
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          Extremely unlikely

        • Jay_ombie
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          Okay, it wasnt a major thing TBH...

        • ForumAdmin
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          To clarify: The main reason why this would be highly unlikely is because we would have to get the person into the studio to record the lines, and that can take a few weeks (to months) to schedule properly

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        Many thanks for the Astra personal pack, As Requested Astra's phonetic for Marko is perfect


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          I've had ASTRA for a while now, but as I had yet to purchase VA it just sat in my email. Then, last week I took the plunge and made the VA buy.
          It. Was. The. Best. Idea...period. It's brought a whole new dimension to me E: D gameplay, and with the personalized responses (though I've yet to load them as I'm still getting used to ASTRA/SYIA herself). But the moment that happens I will re-post with another update.
          So far, fantastic job all the way around.


          • Jay_ombie
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            Playing Elite now without voice pack integration is like having fish and chips and leaving out the fish !

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          I must say the personal response pack I received was bang on they couldn't have nailed it any better if anyone's thinking off getting it id say go for it well worth the purchase


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            and it's about to get even better
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            You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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              Since we're on the subject of the PR pack...

              How is the sound leveling of the voice packs when Singularity launches going to affect the PR packs? Are the other packs being normalized to the ASTRA pack, which I would assume is at the same setting for the PR pack as well? It was my understanding that the personalized aspects of the pack (IE our commander name, renaming the AI, etc..) aren't kept after our packs are built, so I'm a little curious as to how that may affect the PR packs, if at all.

              Looking forward to the update. Already pre-ordered the new Celeste pack to round out the crew.