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    I'm new to elite dangerous and new to the voice packs but I had to buy ASTRA voice pack as per one of your YouTube videos.

    I have setup a majority of the voice commands to the game I.e. increase weapons, hyperspace etc, but I have so many left that I don't have enough key presses for.

    What I want to know is with all that are left do I have to have key bindings for every speech or do just paste them into voice attack and just choose the one I want and ASTRA them. Hope this makes sense.

    Commander out.

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    astra has a ED bindings file that you can add to the ED dir that will set all bindings within ED for you,to match the va profile, from what i understand from what your saying you are trying to setup you own bindings to what astra VA dose,, best way is install the default bindings file that came with astra into ED bindings folder and if they don't match what you prefer ,, then you can edit the bindings within ED then also within VA profile,, if i misunderstand whatr your trying to do ,, correct me ,, i'll try and help you solve this issue with you


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      I go to

      C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Sounds\hcspack\Profiles choose the appropriate game folder and import the “Orion Profile” and then click “done”.

      I choose elite dangerous or x52 pro and there's no files in those folders.

      Please help as this is getting frustrating.


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        <WHEREVER THE VOICEPACK IS INSTALLED>\<PACK NAME>[1]\Profiles\Existing\Binds

        [1] This would be hcspack for ASTRA

        That is for the Elite Dangerous bindings that should be copied into your Elite Dangerous binds directory which can be found at

        C:\Users\<windows user account name>\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings

        You then choose the profile from the drop down menu in Elite Dangerous control setup.

        The game specific folder is for the Voice Attack profile, because there are differences in how Elite and Star Citizen do stuff (and they offer different base features)
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          I've finally figured how to do it now my app data folder was hidden and couldn't copy the file to the relevant folder. Thanks for you help.

          I have one more question, on voice attack I see alot of people profiles have the little man icon "edit" but don't seem to have that, but I do have a sort of little square where I can import profiles etc. Having clicked that I can import ASTRA saying, chat commodities and more but nothing seems to be there that there's nothing in the folders but if I do search for this without using voice attack they are there.


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            the little man is a well old version of voiceattak,, the latest version in the main window top, you will have a square box with a pencil in it icon ,, and 1 with stars and + sign
            the box and pencil , opens the editor for the current profile you have got active
            the stars & + is to import another profile , delete create etc
            if you want to ADD cmdr from another profile into your current profile, ( as i think thats what your trying to do ), use the box pencil icon, editor opens , bottom left theres a button to
            import commands , hit that , a browser will appear, navi to the profile you want to import cmds from ,, this will then open another window,, with all the cmds from that profile.
            you will notice a tick then the cmd, if the cmdr is in red then theres a cmd in your current profile with the same cmd name ,
            best to selet none top right , this de-tick all cmds,, then just scroll through the list and tick the cmds you want to add to your current profile
            then just hit import

            done some scr caps to help
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