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Latest version of Astra, download link not working

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  • Latest version of Astra, download link not working

    According to the details on this thread, Astra version is 1.6.5. However the download link I was sent for my purchase on 11th April is for v1.6.4. I only noticed that there was a new version as the astra pack I have doesn't have handover commans for Midnight or Doris.

    I just retried my download link for Astra and it is still 1.6.5.

    Following the link in the Current Voice Packs available for 1.6.5 just takes me to the purchase page for the Astra voicepack (shown in the description as 1.6.5).

    Hope makes sense.

    My order ref for astra is 9101 if needed

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    The links we provide in the stickied post are just to the store pages. We actually don't hard link to the downloads here, because they would be open to everyone who just creates an account.

    HOWEVER, all is not lost. The existing link in your first email is still valid and will automatically get you the most up to date version. Even if the description is incorrect in the download name, it WILL be the most up to date version.

    My email (for example) is for the 1.6.2 category, because that is the version that I initially got.

    We have (as in just the past couple of days) been trying to think on how to do the profile updates. We are still hashing out the details, but we might end up splitting the profiles away from the actual soundfile installer. This means that we no longer have to shove out a 100+MB installer for just a 2 or 3 line fix in a profile.

    So this would mean that any profile updates would be posted on the forums directly, they are more likely to be updated more often when patches happen. But rarely will we update the voice recordings for packs like Leo, Midnight, DORIS etc.

    As I said, we are still hashing out the details, but keep an eye on the forums.
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      Thanks for the reply and info. I'm still confused because my download link for astra that I recived when I purchased it still gives me v1.6.4 but the latest version is 1.6.5, hence my confusion. Would sending you my emailed download link via PM help?.


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        We are not yet on 1.6.5 with Astra - updates are coming with those bits in I've done them but we just have some changes to profiles to consider -


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          Ah, that explains it, when it said that 1.6.5 in the Current Voice Packs available post I thought it was already out. Thanks again for replying so late in the night.
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