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  • HCS Community Discord channel

    We've been using Discord here at HCS for a while now for meetings and dev chats between the crew. We thought it would be a good idea to open this up for everyone and make it into a little community hub, especially with the 2.3 multi-crew coming. So come along, talk about VA, the packs and even join the crew in Elite and game with us.

    We are currently using the HCS Discord channel for live support as well. Issues or bugs should still be reported here as we can track them better.

    We'd love to see you join us.
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    I may just pop by!
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      how do I get on discord when I see email and password what do I enter for password?


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        YOu need to create an account for discord. The email address/password that you use is separate to any information that you would use for us
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