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BETA testers wanted for Elite: Dangerous

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    I'll help. Hopefully not needed but I do like checking things out and believe I might be a good 'fit'.
    About me: I've been playing E; D since alpha. I've been using voiceattack almost as long. Wrote my own commands but not as deep (I had my own 'REQUEST DOCKING" command but at the time not sure VA had the capability to 'reset' home on pane (ie. to Nav. Menu) but never chased that rabbit down the hole. I like using some commands but, TBH, I need to learn the commands better.
    I own the unlimited expansions add-on (read: golden ticket) so beta shouldn't be a problem(?) Basically, E: D is my hobby rather than watching television so I play a lot.
    I can follow instructions and even extrapolate when needed. I've joined the discord server so I'm not too hard to find.
    Texas Stu

    Originally posted by TheThingIs View Post
    Hey everyone!

    We're looking for a couple of beta testers to help us check profiles better and improve our process before release. You'd be given the pack we need testing if you don't already have it and all we want is for you to play the game and report any issues you find. We'll probably ask you to check some specific things as well or ask you to check if a reported problem has been resolved. You'd get to keep the pack afterwards as a small thank you. You'll need to speak (or type) English fluently, have access to our discord channel and be someone who plays Elite a lot. Beta access would help too but not absolutely necessary. Experience with using and editing VoiceAttack would also be a plus.

    Please apply here in this thread with a little bit about yourself and what voicepacks you currently own, if you have beta access and your level of experience with VoiceAttack. If you prefer to apply privately then you are more than welcome to pm me your application directly.

    So, if you love the voicepacks and want to help make them even better, we want to hear from you

    and don't forget #blamefireytoad for everything
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      Voice packs: Astra, Jazz, Orion, Vega, Vasco, Verity.

      Beta access: Yes, Horizons.
      Hours in game: 500+ and counting.
      Experience with VA: I used it for a year before knowing about the VP's. So I made my own profile with more than 200 commands.
      But yhen I found you guys and I felt like an amateur!!


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        Would love to help you guys out. No worries though if not. I will still continue to help people with issues with what I can. I have a specific custom profile I use for testing commands that o want to add to my packs before actually doing so. This way I can get certain timing factors, and phrases down just right to make it as immersive as possible. I currently have Astra, Eden, Kate, Midnight, Leo, Ship's Cat. I am going to get Vasco, Alix, and Celeste to add to my crew. Orion, Dark, and Vega will be added after that.I currently play elite everyday. Usually for several hours due to the fact that I am just anal about completing things, or getting to a certain stopping point.

        Thank You HCS for taking the time in creating the different packs to make games have a more personal feel to them.

        One note. I have had the game since original launch. Used to have Beta access on my other acct.
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