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HCS VoicePacks "Text-to-speech" Crowdfunding

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  • HCS VoicePacks "Text-to-speech" Crowdfunding

    Hi folks!

    It's been nearly 3 years since I started building the voice packs. In that time we've managed to provide you with some pretty engaging products, however, we want to provide everyone with the option to use our very own TTS (Text to speech) product. So, we will soon begin a crowdfunding project that we have been planning for quite some time. In the last few months, I've managed to get even closer to what I feel would be a worthwhile production for a TTS. Yes, It's ambitious, but compared to what we've already accomplished, we're more than capable of producing a TTS product suited completely for gaming - and that's what we want to do with the help of you folks and an award-winning TTS developer.

    At the moment I'm in the final stages of getting an agreement organised with the developers. There are one or two bits and pieces that I need to organise before we start the campaign, one of which is to get some feedback on your thoughts out there in the community. Primarily the TTS will be designed with profiles for VoiceAttack in mind, as well as some of the API's that are available for the games out there. For instance, we do have the Elite Dangerous "Journal" which allows for a fair amount of tasking to be constructed for our current set of voice packs + VoiceAttack - Which of course have now been implemented to most of our packs and released (HCS Plugins). Now it's time for us to step up to whole new level.

    It hasn't been our priority to do a TTS because there are a fair few already out there, and good ones too - Having said that, I'm confident we can build one that will be much more suited for gaming. Not only that, the development could go as far as adding more refined options specifically for the games themselves. What these refinements for gaming might be, I'm not completely sure of yet, but I am told that much can be built upon .

    There will be various ways for you folks to get involved in the crowdfunding once we launch, and there will be plenty of options.... from early backer discounts, right through to being on the production set and meeting the actor. Quite soon I'll have much more news to share.

    Meantime, be sure to check out the latest updates which include the new "Journal" plugin. This new plugin allows for VoiceAttack (with a voice pack) to know what's going on in-game, and we've had a developer construct the plugin to be extremely efficient. The voice packs are very swish indeed now.

    The following packs have been updated and released (check your inboxes) to function with the new Elite Dangerous "Journal". The "HCS Plugin" is now shipped inside the pack (setup.exe for the voice pack, installplugins.exe for the plugin).
    Orion, Astra, Vega, Alix, Kate, Midnight, Verity, Eli, Minus & Eden. Oh and Vasco is releasing tomorrow .

    Any questions? If so, do not reply! Instead, send your inquiry to with "TTS Crowd Funding" in the subject field.

    Over and out Commanders!

    Paul Watson (AstraLogic)
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