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50% off sale ending tonight! (14th June 2017)

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  • 50% off sale ending tonight! (14th June 2017)

    50% discount code - Once a year we run a discount, this is the biggest and best yet!

    I’d like to thank you all for your support. Many of you return and buy many packs, and it’s humbling to see how many of you folks shower us with gratitude and very kind feedback across our social networks and in the community from both Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. So, thank you, everyone.

    Now. Here’s a discount code that will allow you to get 50% off your entire order. The minimum spend is £14.99 and the code will be valid for 2 days.

    Here’s your 50% discount code - ZH0X0H7EMCQ0

    Please note: Sale ends at Midnight on the 14th June (So when 14th Wednesday becomes 15th Thursday)
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