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  • Updates & Current version info

    Firstly, and most important. When making any changes to the packs we absolutely recommend you make a backup copy of them first. This is especially important when making changes to your profile as you may lose customised commands.

    Please also refer to the known issues list located here:

    What the update notification is telling you and what you need to do:

    The Singularity profile needs an update to correct some issues or add new features. Link below

    HCS Plugin:
    You will only get an update notification for plugins if there is an update which must be applied. There may be minor updates in between that you can apply if you wish but will not be absolutely necessary. Installation will be to use add/remove programs and uninstall the old plugin and then run the "install HCS Tools.exe" inside the downloaded zip to install them. If you want to keep your current Customiser settings then before updating you must export them using the option on the main page of the customiser. Once updated you can import them back in again. Link below

    HCS Tools

    If the update notification says your pack name, ie Astra,Alix,Orion etc then it means that a full pack update is required but usually just the sounds themselves. Extra info will be given below for each individual pack if needed. A full download of the pack will be required. The installation routine when updating sounds is to firstly uninstall them using add/remove programs. Then check your VoiceAttack\Sounds folder and make sure that the pack you are uninstalling has gone, if it hasn't then delete it (or rename it as a backup precaution so you can delete later once you are happy the update is ok). Run the installer and make sure that the path to your installation of VoiceAttack is shown in the path to where it is installing the sounds. Steam users in particular need to check and change this (see the manual).

    Hope that is clear enough for everyone but we welcome feedback of this new notification feature. Enjoy Singularity and all the new updates which we bring to you at no extra cost, as always

    Released version info:

    Change Log 21/05/19

    HCS Tools v1.05
    updated: SC keybind file
    fixed: old personal pack converter
    updated: Elite Singularity manual
    updated: SC Event Horizon manual

    Singularity v2.1.1
    fixed: engage auto dock not correctly detecting if you have a docking computer
    fixed: several EDU commands had malformed token voice triggers which rendered them inoperable
    fixed: unable to plot routes to any of the zaonce trade run destinations
    fixed: the are we being hailed message timer not working properly for some people
    added: Legion
    added: changes for Eliteangerous v3.4
    added: landing gear already raised checks to clearance 30m
    added: hyperspace sounds frequency option
    added: departure handover ignored when using the advanced docking computer
    added: random responses
    added: docking already requested checks to the crew for docking cmd
    added: ability to include galaxapedia, quantum theory and constellations in interaction random chat mode
    changed: 0 throttle when undocking only happened during full departure handover. moved to always 0 throttle when undocking
    fixed: UNABLE TO EXECUTE COMMAND ((rs - uss drop missiontarget))
    fixed: deploy wing beacon menu position changed in latest elite update
    fixed: am i intelligent for Astras vulcan chit-chat not playing
    fixed: hyperspace sound error for astra
    fixed: invoke question to take care of shields and landing gear would run when dropping anywhere near a planet when it should only run when dropping at a planet surface
    fixed: plotting a route when logging into game with a route already plotted didn't work. Fix required adding another keybind CamTranslateLeft
    fixed: refuel and repair at a station with anonymous access didn't always work
    fixed: switching hud mode was not allowed when in the fighter
    fixed: Cut engines command can be used when in SRV even if of course it does nothing
    fixed: Kate: added missing 30% sound file
    fixed: Eli: Vega gives Stars and planets talk about Gas Giants w/ Ammonia Life, not Eden
    fixed: Celeste: says Good shot when you escape interdiction. Other packs say Good Flying
    fixed: Eden: missing invoke question sounds
    fixed: Carina: missing an invoke question sound. Says opening when closing the customiser
    fixed: Legend: missing error beep
    added: Alix: some new sounds added for explosions
    added: Over 500 new sounds to Astra, Midnight, Vasco
    added: Updated Astra's Ships with the new ships
    added: Several new sounds to Carina for asteroid explosions

    HCS plugin v3.1.2
    fixed: keybind creator was making 2 bind files which crashed the plugin
    fixed: keybind creator did not name a bind profile correctly when creating multiple of the same default binds
    added: Event Horizon now requires the plugin
    fixed: docking modules not detected properly due to a bug in Elite
    fixed: spurios events causing keybind change detection when you hadn't actually changed anything in the currently selected binds
    updated: code updated to v4 of VA's plugin code
    added: Legion
    added: French language voice triggers. A big thank you to Axelus Prime for doing the conversion
    added: all journal changes for Eliteangerous v3.4
    added: keybind CamTranslateLeft to keybind creator and missing bind report
    added: hyperspace sounds frequency option to customiser:misc
    added: random responses option to customiser:the stations
    added: info popup when backing up settings
    added: customiser:extra content option to include galaxapedia,quantum theory and constellations in interaction modes random chatter
    changed: allowed headtracker program paths to be set without headtracker docking control on
    fixed: reading in new binds message didn't always show
    fixed: changing binds in elite with the keybind creator open did not read in the binds
    fixed: VA shortcut buttons sometimes not reset to their previous state when closing the customiser
    fixed: Deply Landing Gear in the invoke section of customiser
    fixed: station faction details incorrect
    fixed: exception occurs when clicking the info icon of a voice trigger linked to a prefix. ie protocol override customise my settings
    fixed: unable to remove the protocol override restriction

    Event Horizon v1.16 Beta
    added: Legion
    added: HCS Plugins requirement
    added: random responses
    fixed: personal packs not working correctly
    enabled: Shields front/back/left/right 50%/75%/100%
    updated: Keybinds updated to match 3.5 Advanced keybinds
    added: Keybind .xml file added for keybinds

    Pack updates for the sounds (full download required)
    Alix: 24/4/19
    Apollo: 24/4/19
    Archer: 24/4/19
    Astra: 24/4/19
    Carina: 24/4/19
    Celeste: 24/4/19
    Cleo: 24/4/19
    Dark: 24/4/19
    Doris: 24/4/19
    Eden: 24/4/19
    Eli: 24/4/19
    Jazz: 24/4/19
    Kate: 24/4/19
    KsAi: 24/4/19
    Leo: 24/4/19
    Legend: 24/4/19
    Legion: 24/4/19
    Mars: 24/4/19
    Midnight: 24/4/19
    Minus: 24/4/19
    Obsidian: 24/4/19
    Orion: 24/4/19
    Phoenix: 24/4/19
    Vasco: 24/4/19
    Vega: 24/4/19
    Verity: 24/4/19
    Ze: 24/4/19

    Ships Cat: 12/12/18
    Ships Parrot: 12/12/18

    If you have not received an email that an update is available it is usually because your isp has blocked it or it has gone into your spam box. The link you were originally provided in any of our emails is a static link and never expires. The servers always provide you with the latest update. If you have lost the link then you will need to email with your purchase info and they will send you a new link.

    The download count is only there to stop the sharing of the links. You can download as many times as you wish, there is no restriction. If you run out of downloads then you can always email with your purchase info and they will reset it for you.

    Fly safe!
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