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  • Updates & Current version info

    Firstly, and most important. When making any changes to the packs we absolutely recommend you make a backup copy of them first.

    Please also refer to the known issues list located here:

    What the update notification is telling you:

    If the update notification says your pack name, ie Astra,Alix,Orion etc then it means that a full pack update is required but usually just the sounds themselves. Extra info will be given below for each individual pack if needed. A full download of the pack will be required. The installation routine when updating sounds is to firstly uninstall them using add/remove programs. Then check your VoiceAttack\Sounds folder and make sure that the pack you are uninstalling has gone, if it hasn't then delete it (or rename it as a backup precaution so you can delete later once you are happy the update is ok). Run the installer and make sure that the path to your installation of VoiceAttack is shown in the path to where it is installing the sounds. Steam users in particular need to check and change this (see the manual).

    Hope that is clear enough for everyone but we welcome feedback of this new notification feature. Enjoy Singularity and all the new updates which we bring to you at no extra cost, as always

    Released version info:

    Change Log 03/11/19

    HCS Tools v1.10
    updated: latest profiles and plugins

    No Man's Sky - Unity v1.0
    initial release

    Elite: Dangerous - Singularity v2.2.5
    added: fsd cooldown check to get clear and jump cmds so that it can now be used to jump asap ie escaping an interdiction
    added: saved startup info to allow starting VA with elite already running
    changed: allowed shield cells whilst in supercruise
    changed: allowed disco scan whilst in normal space
    fixed: deploy limpets was also pressing the key that the disco scanner was set to
    fixed: start mining reset pips before putting full power to weapons
    fixed: heatsink event displaying debug info in the VA log

    Star Citizen - Event Horizon v1.2.3 (beta)
    added: Open hailing frequencies command
    added: VTOL On and VTOL Off command
    added: Open and close inventory command
    added: Drop item command
    added: Store all command
    added: Equip multi tool command
    added: Honk the horn command
    added: Toggle cruise control command
    added: Toggle space brake command
    added: Open/close the space brake command

    HCS Plugins v3.3.3
    added: NMS customiser
    added: saving elite startup info
    fixed: customiser crew reset all would enable all crew buttons

    Pack updates for the sounds (full download required)
    Alix: 24/4/19
    Apollo: 24/4/19
    Archer: 24/4/19
    Astra: 20/9/19
    Carina: 24/4/19
    Celeste: 24/4/19
    Cleo: 20/9/19
    Dark: 24/4/19
    Doris: 24/4/19
    Eden: 24/4/19
    Eli: 24/4/19
    Jazz: 24/4/19
    Kate: 24/4/19
    KsAi: 24/4/19
    Leo: 24/4/19
    Legend: 24/4/19
    Legion: 24/4/19
    Mars: 24/4/19
    Midnight: 24/4/19
    Minus: 24/4/19
    Obsidian: 24/4/19
    Orion: 24/4/19
    Phoenix: 24/4/19
    Vasco: 24/4/19
    Vega: 24/4/19
    Venus 20/9/19
    Verity: 24/4/19
    Ze: 24/4/19

    Ships Cat: 12/12/18
    Ships Parrot: 12/12/18

    If you have not received an email that an update is available it is usually because your isp has blocked it or it has gone into your spam box. The link you were originally provided in any of our emails is a static link and never expires. The servers always provide you with the latest update. If you have lost the link then you will need to email with your purchase info and they will send you a new link.

    The download count is only there to stop the sharing of the links. You can download as many times as you wish, there is no restriction. If you run out of downloads then you can always email with your purchase info and they will reset it for you.

    Fly safe!
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