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  • Updates & Current version info

    Firstly, and most important. When making any changes to the packs we absolutely recommend you make a backup copy of them first. This is especially important when making changes to your profile as you may lose customised commands.

    What the update notification is telling you and what you need to do:

    The Singularity profile needs an update to correct some issues or add new features. It will be updated as a full profile in the pack so you can download the whole pack and import the newest profile. But there will also (if possible) be a "patch" available to download here which can be simply added to your existing Singularity profile. Instructions of how to do this will be in the download.

    You will only get an update notification for plugins if there is an update which must be applied. There may be minor updates in between that you can apply if you wish but will not be absolutely necessary. Plugins will only ever be available in the pack itself so a full download of the pack will be required. If you have multiple packs then you will only need to download one of them to receive the latest plugin. Installation will be to use add/remove programs and uninstall the old plugin and then run the installPlugins.exe inside the downloaded zip to install them.

    If the update notification says your pack name, ie Astra,Alix,Orion etc then it means that a full pack update is required but usually just the sounds themselves. Extra info will be given below for each individual pack if needed. A full download of the pack will be required. The installation routine when updating sounds is to firstly uninstall them using add/remove programs. Then check your VoiceAttack\Sounds folder and make sure that the pack you are uninstalling has gone, if it hasn't then delete it (or rename it as a backup precaution so you can delete later once you are happy the update is ok). Run the installer and make sure that the path to your installation of VoiceAttack is shown in the path to where it is installing the sounds. Steam users in particular need to check and change this (see the manual).

    Hope that is clear enough for everyone but we welcome feedback of this new notification feature. Enjoy Singularity and all the new updates which we bring to you at no extra cost, as always

    Released version info:

    Singularity profile: 22/3/18
    added: new cmd: Target the powerplant;cargo hatch;shields;jump drive;life upport;power distributor;thrusters
    fixed: Verity was saying catastrophic failure in her interaction mode sounds

    v1.xx to v1.04 patch download:

    added: fighter destroyed event
    changed: stopped the ship lights flashing when deploying the fighter in space, it's only needed when on a planet
    changed: improved the altitude checks when recalling the fighter on a planet
    fixed: engage supercruise on my mark was also not working when mass locked
    fixed: Perform routine maintenance
    fixed: sound overlaps with the get clear and jump cmd
    fixed: engage warp slight sound crossover
    fixed: When you say yes to "Are you ready to leave" the acknowledgment and the first sound in launch to orbit overlap
    fixed: Errant sound in hcspack-VASCO\Elite Profile sounds\Warp\((RS - Warp Engage))\non-verbose
    added: check and warning if the old HCS plugin is still installed
    fixed: not being able to jump whilst in supercruise and weapons deployed
    fixed: sending premade messages was only sending to local chat
    fixed: changing crew when swapping ship was happening with no crew assigned to that ship
    fixed: 0 throttle when using safe jump commands
    fixed: enabling/disabling galaxapedia didnt speak when the term galactapedia was used
    fixed: system jump on my mark wouldn't work until status checks were clear which defeated the on my mark purpose
    fixed: invoke question shall I scan the system not triggering
    fixed: power to weapons/shields/engines didn't perform the same way after adding the new status checks
    fixed: "hide" system map did not work
    fixed: issue where scanning a nav beacon with stars and planets on would play the info for every body in the system, all at once...v2.02 of the plugin also needed
    fixed: sometimes the welcome sound when logging into game would get overlapped by an interaction mode sound
    fixed: the dolphin missing from the ship list in the customiser...v2.02 of the plugin also needed
    fixed: prep for landing had overlapping sounds
    fixed: game state issues when srv is destroyed...v2.02 of the plugin also needed
    v1.01 was a quick fix for not being able to jump after using the disco scanner. It was updated on the servers so download your pack again to get it. We are preparing a further patch to fix other minor issues which will also be made available here. v1.01 is not absolutely necessary so I'd recommend waiting for the new patch with other fixes in as well rather than doing it twice...depends if you can wait
    v1.0 initial release of Singularity

    HCS Elite Plugins: 22/3/18
    v2.04 Mandatory update (full download required)
    fixed: settings in the customiser were not being saved properly
    added: sl-SL keymap
    added: extra code for ship targeting
    added: time played in seconds
    fixed: fixed spelling mistake for the Dolphon
    fixed: game state issues when set by the live status. specifically being still in the fighter after it is destroyed
    added: extra journal info to stop the nav beacon scanning issue
    added: new default binds updated by Elite for TFlightHotasOne and ThrustMasterHOTAS4. Added to the keybind creator
    added: some more keymaps provided by users on the forum
    fixed: added the dolphin to the ships in the customiser
    fixed: occasional access conflict between elite writing and the plugin reading keybinds
    fixed: when using the keybind creator some users were experiencing a bind corruption error in the VA window and no bind file was created
    v2.01 was added to the packs to fix a pathing issue some users were experiencing when trying to access their journal files. If you are not experiencing this issue then there is no need to update.
    v2.0 initial release of the new plugins

    Pack updates for the sounds (full download required)

    Alix: 28/2/18
    Archer: 28/2/18
    Astra: 28/2/18
    Celeste: 28/2/18
    Cleo: 28/2/18
    Dark: 28/2/18
    Doris: 28/2/18
    Eden: 28/2/18
    Eli: 28/2/18
    Jazz: 28/2/18
    Kate: 28/2/18
    KsAi: 28/2/18
    Leo: 28/2/18
    Mars: 2/3/18
    Midnight: 28/2/18
    Minus: 28/2/18
    Obsidian: 28/2/18
    Orion: 28/2/18
    Phoenix: 28/2/18
    Ships Cat: 28/2/18
    Vasco: 28/2/18
    Vega: 28/2/18
    Verity: 28/2/18
    Ze: 2/3/18

    If you have not received an email that an update is available it is usually because your isp has blocked it or it has gone into your spam box. The link you were originally provided in any of our emails is a static link and never expires. The servers always provide you with the latest update. If you have lost the link then you will need to email with your purchase info and they will send you a new link.

    The download count is only there to stop the sharing of the links. You can download as many times as you wish, there is no restriction. If you run out of downloads then you can always email with your purchase info and they will reset it for you.

    Fly safe!
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