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  • Updates & Current version info

    Please also refer to the known issues list located here:

    Released version info:

    Change Log 24/12/19

    HCS Tools v1.14
    added: German manuals
    updated: latest profiles and plugins

    Elite: Dangerous - Singularity v2.2.9
    added: Chase
    added: Atlas
    added: Aurora
    added: Stella
    added: Commands to access the sub tabs of Ship, Inventory and Status
    added: Commands to launch you in the fighter, rather than your pilot
    added: Option to launch the NPC in the fighter when giving the red/yellow alert command
    added: alternative fast and 100% reliable docking request. Credits to Malic for discovering the method
    updated: Changes to the "Take us in" and "Take us out" commands
    updated: speed improvements to refuel and repair
    fixed: docking denied playing incorrect sounds
    fixed: not selecting the launch menu option for some people
    fixed: targeting ship subsystems not working when game set to different locales

    Star Citizen - Event Horizon v1.2.5 (beta)
    added: Chase
    added: Atlas
    added: Aurora
    added: Stella

    No Man's Sky - Unity v1.01
    added: Chase

    HCS Plugins v3.3.6
    added: new packs Chase, Atlas, Aurora and Stella to customiser options
    added: option to choose an alternative docking request method. Credits to Malic for discovering the method
    added: Option to stop the profile from altering the pips when launching
    added: German voice triggers for singularity
    fixed: issue with the .start file getting blanked and causing things like whether you have a docking computer to be forgotten
    fixed: error when trying to restore an older version of a customiser backup
    fixed: restoring custom voice triggers warned that they already existed even when they didn't

    If you have not received an email that an update is available it is usually because your isp has blocked it or it has gone into your spam box. The link you were originally provided in any of our emails is a static link and never expires. The servers always provide you with the latest update. If you have lost the link then you will need to email with your purchase info and they will send you a new link.

    The download count is only there to stop the sharing of the links. You can download as many times as you wish, there is no restriction. If you run out of downloads then you can always email with your purchase info and they will reset it for you.

    Fly safe!
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