Legion & Apollo now available Star Citizen! £10 OFF code for Celeste "FIVER" Recently, the list of science fiction legends has been complemented with the addition of Michael Dorn.

The voice pack "Legion" is now available for Star Citizen along with an update for the VoiceAttack profile "Event Horizon". Undoubtedly this will come as very good news for Star Citizen fans! You can view the latest changes for Event Horizon here...

Legion is our biggest release so far in 2019. Michael Dorn, most famous for his role 'Worf' in Star Trek The Next Generation, recorded a massive amount of content, in keeping with our pledge to make the voice packs as realistic and immersive as possible. Legion, performed by Michael Dorn, is available in our store for just £14.99 - Add this legendary star to your collection. He will make a fine tactical officer!
'Event Horizon' IMPORTANT update information! You will need to download the free and latest version of HCS Tools here, and any voice packs you currently have installed. Please make sure you export/backup any settings or customised changes prior to downloading and installing updates! Emails are being sent out for those of you that have Star Citizen voice packs, from the 15th of May 2019 for these updates.
Review the latest changes to Event Horizon

Apollo, performed by our good friend and Twitch Streamer Deejay Knight, is a fantastic addition to the collective. Later this month, YouTuber 'Noobifier' will be releasing a video showcasing both new releases and some of the new options in the Event Horizon VoiceAttack profile, shipped with all of our voice packs. You can catch up with Deejay on his Twitch stream too, where he's often using 'Apollo' and other voice packs, and showing off the awesome content he's created for his own voice pack. He's a great Twitch streamer, so go give him a follow here!

Apollo, performed by Deejay Knight, is available in our store right now and is compatible with both Star Citizen and
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Celeste is one of our best selling voice packs. For a limited time, you can purchase Celeste, for Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen, with a
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Use the code "FIVER" at checkout to reduce the cost from £14.99 to just £5. So go grab yourselves a bargain and put this awesome voice in your ship right now!