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50% OFF Star Trek's finest! - Singularity major update - Lavecon 2019

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  • 50% OFF Star Trek's finest! - Singularity major update - Lavecon 2019

    50% OFF Carina, Legion, Orion, Vega, Eli, Dark and Archer
    Visit the store NOW for our 4th of July Independence Day Weekend OFFER!
    Expires Monday!
    HCS VoicePacks celebrating 5 years!

    Celebrations can wait! Updates are coming!!!

    WOW! it’s been 5 years since the voice packs began! We’re also heading for a massive 100k voice pack users! To celebrate, we’ve not only been sipping a little bubbly, we’ve also been VERY busy refining the product and making things as simplified as possible for users . The next update will just be a case of installing. No uninstalling prior, no messing about with importing profiles, nothing! Just update and install….Profiles will be placed and replaced automatically. Everything is done for you – Your customizer settings are also maintained during the new update process too! Nevertheless, we’re always going to suggest you make backups of your customizer settings, of course! So, each time we update the plugins and profiles, hit update and simply relax!

    This is the first time we’ve been able to incorporate everything into the installation and update process. There are now less steps for everything. For new users, we’re working on a complete installation for both VoiceAttack and the HCS VoicePacks in one hit… We’re testing that part over the summer and working closely with Mr Magenheimer (VoiceAttackauthor) to get that organized.
    In the meantime, we’ll be releasing an update with automated profile and plugin setup, which is very exciting! We believe that’ll be available in about a week from now, Saturday the 13th of July is the target for release.
    Here's a sneak-peek video!
    Fixing your buggy on the fly with one voice command!
    New commands added!

    Along with this next update, we’ll also be including some swish new commands! SRV automated repair sequences and a bunch of other neat features… One of which is the deployment of heat sinks as an option for automatic deployment in specific circumstances – Your Ai will detect the drama and assist you in taking care of overheating… It could be in battle or for some other reason, nonetheless, it’s a neat feature that many of you requested.
    Star Trek’s finest! 50% OFF for Independence Day weekend!!!
    It’s no secret that we have a number of fabulous
    sci-fi stars from Star Trek with over 10,000 responses between them! You can now kit your ship out with an entire crew! We recommend that you have Carina, Orion, Legion, Eli and Vega aboard for sure, and most definitely ‘Dark’ as your science officer! Archer is great for operations too! So that’s Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner & Michael Dorn from TNG, William Shatner from TOS, plus John de Lancie who played “Q” in TNG and Voyager, as well as our tribute pack to the late Leonard Nimoy, ‘Dark’. It really is a fine crew, and just so you know we’re serious about having you experience this lot aboard, we’re knocking 50% OFF of their price! The only problem you’ll have is deciding which one of your crew will be wearing red on surface missions 😉..
    Lavecon 2019 is just ahead, down there on the surface…Yes that’s it! Crew! We’re going in! Prepare for immediate dust-off!
    We’re really excited about the next few days here in the UK! Lavecon 2019 is upon us and it couldn’t come around sooner for us! We’ve attended every year so far and met up with Commanders from all over! This year we have a stand and will be trying to raise money once again for the Gamer’s Charity, ‘Special Effect’! If you’re attending this fantastic annual Elite Dangerous convention, please come by and see us! We have signed photos and scratch cards to try and raise funds for charity.

    You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with the chap behind the voice packs, Paul Watson, our very talented coder, Lee Barber, about the Singularity profile updates, as well as myself, Mzia. It’s going to be a really nice weekend and I can’t wait to meet everyone!
    Mzia Cruz, HCS Community Manager. Follow us on Twitter! @mziacruz @voicepacks
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    Just to add in as well....Venus has finally been updated to work with Singularity and Event Horizon!

    (Cecil still needs to sober up which is proving extremely difficult)
    The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

    You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.