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  • Store update, SALE & Ad-Astra subscription

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    I bought "Z" today on sale and loaded it but it isn't working with the Singularity Profile. Is it not supposed to or I have done something wrong?

    more info: edited this to add additional info. After reading the forums I read one post that said he could not get it to run and the answer he got was that he downloaded it from the website instead of from sendowl. So I had received both links in multiple emails. I have since deleted all versions of Z from my computer and I am downloading the version from Sendowl. Since it is slower than Molasses flowing it will take a while (34/262 MBs, 2 hours left). When I am a year older and closer to death it may finish. i'll let you know if it works....
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      Well, it stopped downloading I guess because it says 18 hours left. Stuck at 157/262 MB. Well, it did not take all 18hrs. Just twice as long as it should have. I looked at contents and it has the Singularity reference guide file listed. The other Z I downloaded did not. So it's going to work.
      Question #1 is Why have the old version on the website to download and the correct one on Sendowl only.
      Next problem, personal one I guess when I tried to install it and it tried to download an extra file 30MB it needed windows said NO. Windows has a problem with the publisher is listed as "Unkown Publisher". Windows wanted to cancel it and I worked around, but it was sooo slooow the server disconnected.
      Please sign the ticket for the publisher on those download windows. I will try it again.

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        Ok after a great ordeal I finally got the correct Ze installed. Someone else can delete the above posts. The moral of the story, probably should update the Website with the latest versions instead of just Sendowl site or remove the ability to download off the HCS site entirely.