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Star Wars Squadrons: "Alpha" voicepack dev video

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  • Star Wars Squadrons: "Alpha" voicepack dev video

    Uploaded a little dev diary of "ALPHA" voicepack for Star Wars Squadrons and a sneak peek of the new manual. Showing how we configure your loadouts...
    1) I reject your reality.... and substitute my own
    2) Not to be used when upset... will void warranty
    3) Stoke me a clipper i will be back for dinner
    4) Never tell Gangrel to do anything... he will probably get it wrong
    WARNING! Swedish wall-of-text hits you for bork-bork-bork damage!

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    I have the Alpha VoicePack, however I use a Xbox One Elite control to play the game in VR, and it seems that the voice commands are acknowledged by voice but they're doing nothing, as it seems it switches to mouse and keyboard controls and is not executing any commands, do you know why that is or how to configure correctly to accept commands even by playing with a controller?. Thanks for your help in advance,
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      I just purchased Alix - SWS and can't get the zip file to extract, open the PDF, or run the install.exe. This is the only Zip file I'm having trouble with. I've downloaded it multiple times. Here's a screen shot of the errors.