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Astra Update for Orion and Vega

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  • Astra Update for Orion and Vega

    Hi All

    Fantastic work with the voicepacks - Newest updates have me considering playing Star Citizen even!

    Really REALLY looking forward to the next 3 voice packs, hopefully we'll have them in somewhat rapid succession

    I wanted to ask if there has been a recent update to astra that includes the commands for Orion and Vega. I don't have any of the Handover Commands, General Orders or Engagement orders for either pack included in astra, and have checked for an update. Any help is appreciated! I know you're swamped with work considering what's coming, but wanted to check.

    Also, (as a suggestion) any chance we can have Astra give a description of all the ai's the way she does with Legend and Minus? that would be something i'd pay extra to have!

    thanks for reading, and see you in the void!


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    Been wondering that myself actually, would be nice to have hand over commands for Vega and Orion.