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No Man's Sky - Support ?

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  • No Man's Sky - Support ?

    Looking to be something special. Updates been coming in and major one soon landing. (Multiplayer included)

    As a space game with stuff even Elite could still do with I feel this would be a great game to support and allow us to use the voice packs with.

    I really hope you guys will think about it, if you have not already...

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    Nothing mentioned here by devs ?...

    Though nothing I can see in the read me notes states such, I have noticed in recent update (may have been there in previous versions not sure) that there is a No Mans Sky Profile located in both the Astra Profiles directory and Eden Profiles directory for use !

    This is taken from the readme from both Astra/Eden profiles even if it says -Eden- in both.

    "No Man’s Sky “Eden” Commands & Responses

    This is an early *Experimental* release for No Man’s Sky. Improvements will be made but keep in mind, it’s early days. The profile has been set up with menu functions and interaction responses. Take-off and landing has been implemented with plenty of responses. Many flight commands are in and have been done, although the throttle increments are limited – Speed increments are not in No Man’s Sky so we’ve added some commands for using the throttle but again, they’re experimental. If No Man’s Sky eventually include accurate pre-set throttle speeds, we can do a whole lot more, so pop into their forums and ask the question, you never know, we might get lucky. "


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      we have no plans at this time to develop the NMS profile any further or for any other packs
      The Singularity profile - One profile to rule them all and at HCS we bound them

      You see, TheThingIs, eventually you'll be allright.


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        Ahh shame, as its looking possibly a great alternative to Elite...

        I suppose your hands are tied with contracts and such maybe..