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Radio Sidewinder and where you can listen to it.

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  • Radio Sidewinder and where you can listen to it.

    Hi I am Commander Ravenholdt and I am an audio engineer for radio sidewinder. Just a FYI here are some things to know. Radio sidewinder has a M3U playlist on our listen now page so what I did was just added a command so that when I said "play radio sidewinder" it opens the playlist which opens vlc. now the next part is pretty great, you can put in a ctrl t keypress which makes vlc sit on top of all windows. The thing I did was get an ED skin for vlc and now when it opens( I play in windowed mode) the skinned version of VLC with the ED orange highlights comes up and I put it in compact mode and it sits at the top of my window out of the way and I can see what is playing and it fits right in with my command window.

    Our format now is copyright free music all the time of course with interviews and our famous ads. We also have a discord that is linked from our page and an In Game faction called the Radio Sidewinder Crew and we are based out of Tago! We also have participated in the Colonia Community goal so expect to see us out there in Colonia. Tune in to Radio Sidewinder while making that trip to Colonia! If you want to help then come to our Discord and say HI!!
    Listen to Radio Sidewinder in your browser. Pure escapism. A radio station set in the universe of Elite Dangerous... space.

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    Been listening for a few days now since downloading the radio pack. Good work Cmdr Ravenholdt !
    Spreading the word where I can.
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      Hmm... Interesting. Will take a look.


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        It took me a long time to find a working ED skin, several minutes at least. This is what I use now:

        And this helped, too:


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          Screenshots of my setup attached


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            Could somebody please post a complete idiot's guide on setting up VA to control this? I got as far as the VLC skin and Radio Sidewinder feed, but I'm a bit lost with the rest of it. Is there a Voicepack profile that will do this?