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Kate isn't working with Star Citizen

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  • Kate isn't working with Star Citizen

    The short story is that Kate works in other games and in notepad but when I start up SC she responds intermittently. I'll go for 10 minutes with her working and then she stops responding. I think it's more a VA thing than this voice pack since the result is the same no matter what profile I use. However VA haven't sent me an email yet so i can't ask the question on their forum, the question being is it SC causing VA to spazz out and if so how do I set it right?

    I have set admin rights for both VA and SC.

    BTW: I wouldn't be going to such great lengths to get this working if the short times Kate ran properly hadn't made SC ten times more fun!

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    I went into microsoft speech recognition and started a new profile, set up the mic speaking as quietly as possible (no mic boost) then set my new profile to default. Kate seems to be working again, I just did a Vanduul swarm to spawn 12 without any drop out and 95% of the time she responded to me first time. Hope this helps others.

    I've discovered the command "what is a whit dwarf" is broken because the file isn't there, do I need to reinstall Kate again?


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      - "what is a white dwarf"

      Possibly need to reinstall, both the command and the file seem to be working fine for me.