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    is there anywhere to download the complete lists of commands for Eden star citizen

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    I understand you can print them. There is a tutorial on their youtube channel for this. Only works if you have a printer. If your like me and don't your kinda borked. (that's a new word I learned here)
    SC profiles are a bit off since 3.0 update and may take a bit to get updated. SC has changed and will probably keep changing key bindings.
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      Hi all... Don't think you need to have a printer... just import (Alt+I) the .vap you want to print the commands for (verbal or executable) and then select export (Alt+X), But export as an .html (select "Show Commands" only) . Then open .html, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, open a new .rtf, spreadsheet, or other word doc application, and Ctrl+V. Sort and save to your liking.