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  • Updated profile for SC 3.2

    I am completely re-writing my profile to make it easier to import and work with the HCS profile. This will make it much easier on everyone when HCS updates their profile since it will remove conflicts and simply allow users to import my commands to the new HCS profiles. Stand by...I should have something later today or tomorrow.
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    VA_Stryker: Just checking to learn if your project of Updating the 'Profile' (v3.2.2) is completed? Looking for HSC commands for 'scanning for Minerals, Mining, etc. Thx . . .


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      Hi DFoy,

      Yes, I've updated it to account for the changes that I outlined here:

      I haven't added much around mining (although that's where I've been spending a lot of my time). I did add a couple of "ship configuration" commands that allow me to switch between "mining configuration", "hauling configuration", etc. They basically set the ship up for mining (lower gear, extend mining laser, set power settings, increase shields to the front [although I should probably change this now that I am better able to control the throttle and keep the rocks from exploding in front of me =D], etc.) and hauling (retract gear, retract mining laser, increase power to thrusters, etc.).

      Now that 3.3 is in the PU and 3.3.5 is in the PTU, I will be going back over the key mapping changes again (hopefully this week) and will post any changes that may be necessary in the current profile (currently 7/30/2018 on their Dropbox).