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Voice pack in french for Star Citizen?

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  • Voice pack in french for Star Citizen?

    I just went through your voice attack profile and the voices are beautiful , not to mention the variety of these. I am very interested in your device and obviously many French players too ... That's why I want to know if there is already a profile in French?If so, I buy ... If not, do you plan to create one?On the other hand as star citizen is still in alpha do you do regular updates of the profiles? Looking forward to your return ... Good day to you.

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    We don't have a french language voicepack at the moment and we are always open to looking at it. However, supporting said profile is not as easy as it could be (due to how the profile is).

    We will be updating the Star Citizen profile as and when we get round to it. It isn't going to be left in the dust for that!
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