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How do I edit profile keybinds?

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  • How do I edit profile keybinds?

    In the Event Horizon profile, after some looking I found the ((import binds)) command. It looks like it holds all of the keybinds used in the Event Horizon profile. I can change their values, but I don't understand what their values are. Instead of key names, the different keybinds are assigned numbers. Are these keyboard key codes, and if so which set is being used? Some keybinds have multiple values rather than a single value, what do these mean and how do these work?

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    The are key codes and differ according to what county keyboard you are using. If you look in VA\Apps\HCS Plugin\Keymaps the files in there show what the codes are.
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      Great, thanks!

      Also FYI my Apps directory was empty. I ran my voice pack's install.exe and now I see the directory structure and files you're describing in my Apps directory. I originally didn't run install.exe since the Setup READ ME said to only do that for Elite Dangerous.