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  • "Cheat" Sheet?

    I pay for a product and I get a manual that comprises about 100 out of about 800 or so voice commands?
    Am I as the customer supposed to manually extract, figure out and edit data by hand to a spreadsheet or make a "cheat" sheet in order to use the full functionality of a voice pack?
    Tell me this is a joke and you guys at HCS just forgot to include a spread sheet or pdf with ALL commands and ALL the possible variations!

    And don´t give me "but it changes all the time"... Yeah, ain´t life a bitch… It´s your product, so you should make it USABLE right out of the box for buyers!!

    It´s ok that some "actors" have lend their voice to some packs, what the majority of players will be interested in is:
    a) Does it work?
    b) Does it work?
    c) What are ALL possible commands and variations thereoff?

    If I´m completely wrong and all those "How to actually get all the commands" videos on YT are a hoax: Let me know, I´ll gladly take my rant back...

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    The cheat sheets are old and no longer updated. Use the voice trigger editor in the customiser to view all commands. We are working on a printable version which is dynamic and will reflect the changes you have made to the voice triggers
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