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ASTRA Star Citizen Pack Bugs with SC 2.4

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  • ASTRA Star Citizen Pack Bugs with SC 2.4


    I thought I'd submit this bug report to help improve the product. I have actually solved the problems I am listed via reprogramming/relinking some of the commands as I learned how to create the VA commands, and/or removing conditionals where it monitored the keystrokes, as in some cases it would invariably create a problem when trying to activate a function. At this point, I will likely keep my modded version and update it as needed, but for the benefit of others:

    1. The initiate quantum jump it acknowledges but doesn't execute. In looking at the command, this is because it can't find the VoiceAttack command with which it is associated and generates a command not found error when attempting to do so.

    2. The Auto Landing toggle is the same situation: the VA command to which it refers is not in the profile.

    3. In general, the key monitoring is an issue, as when attempting to show destinations or change ICFS profiles, it would repeatedly tell me that the action was already done when I had not done so either through keystroke or voice command at any point.