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Midnight - 2.4 Full Audio not playing

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  • Midnight - 2.4 Full Audio not playing

    Whenever I try to do anything inside the ship in 2.4 full it doesn't play any response.

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    here is a example error 7:03:56 AM - UNABLE TO EXECUTE COMMAND, 'sf launch missile' (by name). COMMAND NOT AVAILABLE.

    7:02:42 AM - UNABLE TO EXECUTE COMMAND, 'sf jump' (by name). COMMAND NOT AVAILABLE.


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      Ok so I figured out the error are for the key tracking. But to sum up MIDNIGHT 2.4 BASIC speaks but then doesn't do 95% of the commands. MIDNIGHT 2.4 FULLHOUSE will do most of the commands but doesn't say shit. I check the profile for it and most of the commands don't even have a vocal response programmed in or they are pointing to sound file for Orion.


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        have you installed VoiceAttack and the sounds into the default C:\program files folder or it in some custom place? There is a small bug atm where the sound paths are fixed rather than flexible.
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          They are both installed in the normal locations. The only thing diffrent from what you put down is win 10 put it in the x86 program files, since voice attack is not a 64 bit application. I have both voice attack and SC running as admin. From what I can tell looking at the voice attack profile nothing is programmed besides the talking to midnight dialog and even the focus command is pointing to a orion soundpack file.