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Tighter integration with Star Citizen

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  • Tighter integration with Star Citizen

    Eliteangerous integration seems to be hooked rather deep into the game status, reporting things like engine state, systems status, etc. Are you working with CIG to provide tighter integration with system state? I realise SC is in development, but this would be the best possible time to hook into their code or system state. Maybe they could provide you an API, starting with a few simple states and adding as they get more of the system nailed down.

    It'd be a beautiful thing.

    Thank you

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    We are building on the journaling facility that Elite Dangerous has.

    CIG would need to start supplying an API that developers could hook into, and then depending on what they make available, we will then see as to how much integration.

    Side note: Depending on what profile you are using from us, it might not be as hooked in as you think it might be
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      as an extra to Gangrel...we are always working on the packs and profiles. We're all gamers and play as much as you guys do so if it can be done then we'll do it. Elite has just been given the journal access in the last update and we're already working hard to get all that lovely functionality into the profiles. The same applies for SC. As soon as we get the tools to improve things, we absolutely will be.
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