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Video tutorials exclusively for star citizen

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  • Video tutorials exclusively for star citizen

    I have yet to see any video's devoted to star citizen I have seen them for elite dangerous
    set up is similar but not the same very frustrating......
    if there are any out there please leave a link
    I'm trying to figure out how to configure voice packs to different keys....... thank you

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    Please, can we do this as SC has a lot of commands and with VCS, would make a pilot, captain, commander a lot easier. Plus I am a total newb to VCS.


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      With SC still in development right now, especially when it comes to keyboard layout I'm sure the guys doing all the work want to wait until things are finalized before making SC videos. But I'm sure they are coming.

      While I'm sure there are several people here who'd be willing to share their command profiles with the ones that are likely to come with 3.o will need to be modified heavily. My suggestion would be to build just the responses to things you know are coming. Lights on/ lights off and things like that, just leave the key presses out.
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